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What is an Enterprise Cloud Backup?

If you are currently running a business that has a lot of different employees and a whole lot of data that needs extensive protection then enterprise cloud backup may be the best option for you. Your business needs to have a special secure space to hold all of your data that is highly regulated and maintained consistently by compliance. It can be extremely challenging for corporations to find a safe place to store data. That is why enterprise cloud backup is the right solution for your business.

The Enterprise Cloud

So what makes the enterprise cloud so much different than a regular online cloud? An enterprise cloud belongs to one single company instead of multiple companies on one server. You do not have to share the hardware, software, or the network with anybody else. This means that the server is customized around your specific needs. Talk to your cloud service provider about how you can customize your enterprise cloud to help benefit your business.

The enterprise cloud server is very secure so there is no need to be concerned about how secure your data will be in the enterprise cloud. The key to making sure everything is locked up tight is choosing a cloud service provider that offers you 24/7 monitoring service to make sure no intruders get through to compromise your information. There is a firewall that will be set up so you have the ultimate level of security at all times.

Public vs. Private Cloud Services

Sometimes smaller businesses decide to go with a public cloud service in order to save money on server space. On a public cloud server, there are many businesses on the same server. If you want to have the highest level of security, upgrading to the private level of security will be your best bet. You will not have to share your server with anyone else and it can be customized to fit your business needs and be protected with premium security measures.


With technology changing every single day it can be difficult to make a decision regarding your company’s data. Depending on how large your company is, you may need something with the highest level of security that is customized around what you need on a business level. Choosing the right cloud service provider will make all of the difference when it comes to the security of your data.

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